The Knowledge Compass, Inc.

Creating Answers Together

Our Approach 

Since 1998 executives have selected TKCI to facilitate beneficial and positive change within their organizations - to find creative new ways to service their customers ... dynamic new approaches to access information and create knowledge and strategic new methods to manage, leverage and exploit mission-critical corporate resources.


Our approach - KnowledgeCompass  - is a combination of art and science. We utilize an array of research methods and tools to develop a thorough understanding of a client's business model and environment, unique competencies, core business processes, and technology infrastructure. Our approach is collaborative, always respectful of our client's insight and experience. We consider the involvement of our client's employees a prerequisite for durable improvement. We also bring an analytical rigor and depth of experience that produce tangible results.

When working with clients, we proceed through three structured stages:

1.  Identify opportunities for improvement and change (or mitigate risk or problems).
2.  Quantify the extent of the benefits obtainable from the opportunities uncovered .
3.  Create & implement solutions to realize identified benefits for short and long term value.

TKCI creates innovative and insightful projects that allow us to advise, guide, inspire, and prioritize client strategies and initiatives. We continually strive to achieve the most effective balance between client capabilities and their vision and goals. TKCI looks to the horizon and beyond. We modify strategy on stakeholder feedback, changing market conditions, and stretching organizational goals.

When we complete an engagement we leave behind with our clients, a new level of understanding and knowledge, a more robust and agile organization, and an expanded capacity for learning, changing and growing. We treat our client mandates in a holistic way by building a bridge between strategy and implementation.

In Summary: We make client organizations more efficient, more effective, more flexible, and more valuable to their stakeholders, customers, and business partners.


"Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.
George Bernard Shaw