The Knowledge Compass, Inc.

Creating Answers Together

Our Genesis 

TKCI was founded in 1998 by a group of experienced business consultants with a passion for working closely with clients to improve business performance and productivity. The partners, having all spent significant time at leading global consulting and solution firms such as Coopers Lybrand, Unisys Corporation and Xerox Corporation wanted to build a firm where they could remain personally involved in helping clients become more successful. TKCI strives to deliver a unique proposition in a crowded consulting marketplace.

We are committed to structuring our work and relationships around how clients want to be served. We do not impose one-size-fits-all methodologies or cookie-cutter approaches on engagements, especially where more effective paths are possible. It is essential for us to add value in every client situation. We recognize the influence our advice can have both on companies and on the careers of the individuals who engage us, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

To this end, we will not accept a consulting engagement unless we feel we can make a significant and tangible contribution to the client's business.