The Knowledge Compass, Inc.

Creating Answers Together


At TKCI, partnering is essential to our number one goal - helping clients innovate to move the performance and productivity of their organization to new heights. We are proud to have established relationships with leading professional organizations, associations and industry providers in the marketplace to meet this goal. Our professional affiliations are based on complementary capabilities that provide value for our clients, investors and shareholders.

TKCI affiliations include consulting and technology partners and memberships in industry and trade organizations and associations as presented below.


Our business partners enhance TKCI's ability to solve client challenges by helping us to deliver:
1. Deep industry and technology experience
2. New technology across a range of industries
3. Industry-leading solutions created with global authorities in their field


TKCI and it's associates are members of trade and industry associations that strengthen the company's continuing learning experience and knowledge acquisition in our focused markets, technologies and solutions.


 “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.”
Winston Churchill